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Halloweenmas – the Halloween Christmas tree

Take a simple black tabletop tree, add some Halloween and Christmas themed tree decorations and what do you have? You have a HALLOWEENMAS tree!

Halloweenmas was born out of a feisty love affair between Halloween and Christmas. Why just celebrate Halloween for one night a year and Christmas for a few weeks, when the whole of October, November and December can become Halloweenmas time?

Our range of Halloween and Christmas ornaments has been designed and made exclusively in the UK. Each one has been sculpted, molded and painted by hand and there’s just 50 of each available. Most of the designs will retire after the first batch and be reborn as new ones, so you’ll always have something new to collect for your tree.

You can use any tree for your ornaments, so if you already have one that’s fine. We recommend a black tree and the one we sell here via our website is made from sturdy plastic with a heavy base. That means it won’t easily fall over. You can also rotate the branches so you can get the best angles for hanging your ornaments on.

Our plan is to add more ornaments over the coming months, and we have even more great designs in the pipeline. So you can keep collecting and adding to your tree.

Please take a look around and hopefully you’ll see something you love as much as we do.

Happy collecting!